Jackfruit Curry  Feast

Jackfruit Curry Feast

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Most people don't realise how naturally vegan Sri Lankan food is (we rarely use animal fats when cooking) - and our feast uses a classic breadfruit as its star protein. Jackfruit Curry is served with aromatic basmati rice and with a selection of vegetables, accompanied by pol sambol (coconut chili) and sweet mango chutney. 

Feast for two includes: 

  • Jackfruit Curry (VG) (GF) 400g
  • Aromatic basmati rice (VG) (GF) 220g
  • Dhal (Lentils) (VG) (GF) 300g
  • Cashew and Pea Curry (VG) (GF) 300g
  • Pineapple Curry (VG) (GF) 300g
  • Toasted Pol Sambol (coconut chilli) (VG) (GF) 80g
  • Mango chutney (VG) 60g
Allergens: Mustard
We take all reasonable precautions to prevent cross contamination. However, there may be a risk that traces of all allergens can be found in any dish and we cannot 100% guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. 

VG - Vegan / GF - Gluten Free / H - Halal
We have a minimum order value of £35. Order cut off is 1pm Tuesday for delivery on Fridays, and 1pm Saturday for delivery on Tuesdays. See delivery page for full details